Monday, March 18, 2019

Have you ever wondered what people REALLY think of a cleaning service BEFORE you hire them?

We thought so. So, here's a graphic that is updated automatically, every day in real-time showing how our clients feel about our cleaning services based upon their response to a Customer Satisfaction Survey which asks one simple question:

"How do you feel about the cleaning we did today?"

As you can see from the large Gold Star ("Awesome") and Green Light ("Good") slices of that pie chart, our clients are pretty happy. However, if a client gives us a rating of Amber ("Just okay") or Red ("Disappointed"), we receive an automatic email immediately letting us know that we need to contact that client to correct something that did not meet expectations. Odds are, we've already turned any Yellow and Red responses back to Green and Gold!

So, what are people actually saying about us? Well, here are some comments that we've received in the just the past few days. Remember, this is live data, so the comments may be different each time you visit or refresh this page. 

We'd love to see your glowing feedback here soon!

Need References?

Lisa's Cleaning Services is happy to provide professional references you can call to learn more about "cleanier". 

Just let us know if you want to speak with some of our clients.

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